Regenerative Medicine

Top Rated Local® Non-Surgical Regenerative Medicine

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Hecker Sports and Regenerative Medicine utilizes what your body can innately do and stimulates it in a very powerful way that will help it recover better, more completely

We’re not talking about recovery as in post surgery or post injury where one's body repairs and fills with more fibrous tissue or scar tissue. Hecker Sports and Regenerative Medicine helps a body repair in a way that encourages full regeneration and more complete restoration of tissue.

How does it work?

We accomplish regeneration or restoring tissue back to its whole through a process. One simple injection doesn’t necessarily do it; rather it is a process of (stimulating tissue) that has sustained an injury, whether acutely or chronically, to prep itself to recover in a 'whole' way.

This is the process of using prolotherapy injections to repair damaged ligaments or tendons. Shockwave, laser, Sanexas electric cell therapy treatments that stimulate the body to achieve a more effective healing response

Then, we intervene with a grafting that is performed through injections of Amniotic fluid that contains growth factors, exosomes and extracellular matrix. Regenerative medicine creates a stimulating factor in one's body, telling it to start to recover in an appropriate way, helping to restore tissue to being whole “Renewed”.

The Regenerative Protocol

  • Evaluation of injury by physical exam

  • Imaging: X-ray, CT, diagnostic ultrasound, MRI to determine significance of injured structures

  • Temporary stabilization of structure using orthotics, bracing devices, or cam walker boot

Regenerative Treatments

  • Piezoelectric impulse

  • Laser light therapy

  • Sanexas Electric Cell Therapy

  • Prolotherapy-Hypotonic dextrose solution

  • Amniotic tissue matrix

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