Insurance & Billing

A Better, Faster Way of Recovery. Non-Surgical Foot and Ankle Orthopedic Care.

Cash Pricing 

Office Visit 10 minutes $75

Office Visit 20 minutes $125

Office Visit 30 minutes $200

Office Visit 60 minutes $300

Xrays $40.00 (single site)

Ultrasound $75.00 (single site)

New Patients/Current patients that haven’t been seen in over 3 years, 30 minute office visits $100

We accept all Major Credit Cards, HSA, FSA and Flex cards

We are no longer In-Network with any Insurance Companies. 

· We can provide documentation for you to self-submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement; however, we do not guarantee any reimbursement. Furthermore, we are not a mediator between you and your insurance company and will not enter into any dispute with them. If you have Medicare Part B, there is no reimbursement.


    We do expect payment at the time of treatment. This keeps billing simple for both parties and helps us keep our treatment rates affordable for everyone.

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