Ligament Injury

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What Is A Ligament Injury?

Ligaments are strong connective tissue composed of smaller fibrous tissues. They connect bones to other bones and are critical in stabilizing joints.

When ligaments are acutely or chronically injured, they create instability and pain. If left untreated it can cause further intense pain, instability and early degeneration of joints. At times, if ligament injuries are left untreated or not fully treated, it can lead to the need for surgery or joint replacement.

The advanced medicine process can fully heal the ligaments allowing you to get rid of the pain, restore stability to the joint, prevent early degenerative joints disease and stabilizing arthritic joints. Through use of our regenerative treatments, you can reestablish strength to a ligament even if it’s an old or chronic injury. This process can also help to preserve strength and function of joints.

Physical Therapy

Once the structure is healed from the advanced medicine process, an injured patient is then able to reestablish functional movement and strength. In this step the compensation patterns that were established are fixed and new correct movement and strength patterns are developed thus reducing risk of re-injury.

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