What is a telehealth visit? This is a consult visit with a Dr. Hecker via video conferencing. Virtual care creates a more convent way to get the quality care that you know and trust!

Visit requirements:

  • These are scheduled visits only, call our office to schedule.

  • Some issues may require an in-office visit.

Tech qualifications/Optimal visit environment:

  • You may use your smartphone/tablet or home computer.

  • Please know you may need to switch your browser (sometimes it will need Safari and others Chrome).

  • We will send a link to you for the visit. Via Email and text message.

  • Please have good lighting.

  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection.

Our virtual visit consent (please read prior to the visit):

  • You may refuse telemedicine services at any time.

  • Other health visit types are available (in office visit, urgent care, ER).

  • All Telehealth visits are confidentially protected and HIPAA compliant. You will be informed of any other people present at either end for the telehealth encounter and have the right to exclude anyone from either location.

  • The parent (if patient is under 18 yrs old) has full access to notes from this visit.

  • If an emergency occurs during this telehealth encounter, you should call 911 and stay on the telehealth connection until help arrives.