Flat Feet & Fallen Arches

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What are Flat Feet & Fallen Arches?

Flat feet and fallen arches are the product of multiple possible factors: heredity, age, laxity of foot ligaments, tendon injury, arthritis, pregnancy, etc. Flat feet are sometimes known to be a result of pronation (where ankle bones lean inward). When the shoes of a person who pronates are placed side-by-side, these will lean in towards each other.

Progressive fallen arches or flat feet can become painful due to inflammation or degeneration of a tendon that is on the inside of the foot and arch. This disorder happens when that tendon becomes stretched, torn or inflamed. If this condition is left untreated, it can cause chronic pain and eventually severe disability.

Flat Feet Treatment: Do I Need Surgery?

Many people with flat feet do not experience any problems or pain. However, when there is pain in an individual's ankle, foot, or lower leg (especially in children) their feet should be evaluated. There are many reasons a patient may have flat feet and there are an array of non-surgical options available to correct the issue. Is there a doctor suggesting that you or your child need flat feet surgery, and there are no other options? Hecker Sports Medicine Fort Collins is available for a second opinion.

Flat feet are a common situation in a foot’s complex structure, even in children. Feet tend to be flexible in children. An arch will continue to progress throughout childhood. By adulthood, most people have developed normal arches. As adults, we can experience a normal elongation and widening of the feet, and should not have pain related to this process.

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Non-Surgical Flat Feet Treatment

An examination at Hecker Sports and Regenerative Medicine can determine the best course of treatment for you. We partner with you to educate you, helping you understand the problem and give you options on what can be done to fix the problem non-surgically.

Hecker Sports Medicine is where patients are involved in the healing process and their treatment planning. We explain what the issues are and what the treatment options could be. Beyond being a skilled surgeon, Dr. Hecker is passionate about helping patients non-surgically, even when other doctors say they cannot help.

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