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Piezoelectric Impulse Therapy

Piezoelectric Impulse Therapy (or Piezo) is an electromagnetic impulse that has the capacity to stimulate one's body to recover from both acute and chronic injuries. Through this unique approach of electromagnetic impulses or shock waves, Piezoelectric Impulse Therapy stimulates the muscle, tendon, bone, and cartilage to begin the healing cascade.

Piezoelectric treatment is a new and innovative treatment that has only recently become available in the United States for patient care.

How does it work?

The impulses from the piezoelectric system are delivered directly to the injured tissues. The focus of the piezoelectric treatment is to quickly reduce inflammation and pain to the injured region, promoting a quicker and more aggressive healing that can minimizes (or even eliminate) poor or scarred recovery.

Dr. Thomas Hecker uses the most advanced shockwave system. Unlike other methods that use low impact air or radial impulse, Piezo is a unique electromagnetic impulse system that uses a non-inflammatory stimulus to tissue producing a more complete recovery of the injury.

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