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Muscle Sprains, Strains And Tears

A muscle strain is an injury to a muscle and/or the associated tendons. Tendons are fibrous cords of tissue that attach muscles to the bone. Muscle Strains often occur in calves and can occur in the foot as well.

Like sprains, a strain may be a simple stretch in your muscle or tendon, or it may be a partial or complete tear in the muscle-and-tendon combination.


Typical symptoms of a strain include pain, muscle spasm, muscle weakness, swelling, inflammation, and cramping. Most common muscles that are injured in the lower extremities are the gastroc/soleus (gastrocnemius) complex. This is commonly injured at the junction of the muscle and the tendon in the back of the calf. Next would be muscles in the deep posterior compartment also known as "shin splints" caused by overuse of the muscle compartment, common in runners, sprinters and performers of jumping sports.

Muscle Sprains, Strains And Tears Treatment

Rest and immobilization are the primary treatments. These injuries can have long recoveries due to the high level of stress placed upon the affected areas with simple daily activities. The advanced medicine protocols of TECAR, piezoelectric shockwave and Optical laser can quickly restore the injured muscle and minimize down-time from activity.

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