Heel Spurs

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What Are Heel Spurs?

A heel spur is a slight bony growth or a group of bony growths on the underside or back of the heel. These can sometimes cause pain and discomfort, but not always. Heel spurs are related to plantar fasciitis, but they are not the same condition. Heel spurs can be found in people of all age groups, but middle-aged men and women are more likely to have heel spurs

Heel Spurs can be caused by repeated stress and strain placed on ligaments and muscles in the foot, or abnormally stretching the connective tissue that spans the heel and the ball of the foot. Recurrent injury to the membrane on the heel bone can also cause heel spurs. Ill-fitting or worn-out shoes, poor support or overuse while running or walking more can cause these conditions. Spurs rarely cause pain, the pain comes from what’s attached to the area of the spur, either tendons or ligaments. Usually once a spur has formed and becomes painful, the structure attaching to the spur area, tendons or ligaments, is weakened or has developed small tears.

Heel Spur Treatment, How To Get Rid Of Heel Spurs

We accomplish regeneration or restoring tissue back to its whole through a process. One simple injection doesn’t necessarily do it; rather it is a process of stimulating tissue that has sustained an injury, whether acutely or chronically to prep itself to recover in a 'whole' way.

This is performed through use of our non-surgical regenerative process. Advanced medicine creates a stimulating factor in one's body, telling it to start to recover in an appropriate way, helping to restore tissue to being whole.

Do I Need Heel Spur Surgery?

Hecker Sports Medicine in Fort Collins will accurately diagnose your injury and help you avoid unnecessary and costly surgeries. Perhaps your pain is something simple like a fracture, or a more complicated torn ligament or a partial tear. We focus on the root issue and the actual nature of the problem.

We involve our patients in their custom treatment plan, interacting with patients and educating them as well. This helps our patients increase their speed of recovery and reduce risk of re-injury.

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