Achilles Tendon Injuries

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Achilles Tendon Care With Dr. Hecker | Fort Collins

Achilles tendon injuries are one of the most common sports medicine injuries.

Achilles tendinopathy is a common injury caused by repetitive overuse or overload. This can lead to an injury or cause a rupture of the Achilles tendon. Lack of flexibility within the calf muscles or a stiff Achilles tendon can increase the risk of injuries. Most injuries are degenerative in nature due to chronic overload. Increased degeneration of the tendon will create thickening either at its attachment on the back of the heel or above the heel bone. The thicker the tendon the weaker the tendon becomes. Thickened Achilles tendons are in a pre-tear or early tear stage. At Hecker Sports and Regenerative Medicine™, we have in-office ultrasound capabilities to fully evaluate Achilles tendon pathology.

Early morning pain or post-exercise pain generally indicates an injury of the Achilles tendon. If the symptoms are persistent or ongoing, prompt evaluation is encouraged.

 Achilles Tendon Treatment

  • Achilles tendon injuries from mild tendinopathy to partial or even full tears can successfully recover using the advanced medicine protocols and treatments utilized by Hecker Sports Medicine™.

    Through the advanced medicine protocol, many of the typical treatments (icing, rest, NSAIDs, stretching) can be avoided. By using the modalities of TECAR, Piezoelectric Impulse Therapy and Stage 4 Optical Laser therapy, Sanexas electromagnetic neuromuscular therapy and Vissman combined with appropriate support, and the use of advanced medicine injection techniques such as prolotherapy, regeneration of the tissue can be quickly achieved.

    For chronic or more severe tears, advanced medicine treatments can help ensure excellent outcomes.

    Advanced Medicine Treatments of combined Injections, Prolotherapy and Extracellular matrix, and Physical Therapy.

    Once the structure is healed from the advanced medicine process then an injured patient can reestablish a high quality of functional movement and strength allowing patients to return to a very high level of activity quickly.

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