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Low Light Laser Therapy

Low Light Laser Therapy or LLLT is focused infrared light (laser = focused light). Extensive research studies continue to show the potent effect of LLLT for healing and stimulating your own body's stem cells and healing cascade to promote repair and regeneration of treated tissue. It achieves this by two methods:

  1. Stimulating the mitochondria with your cells (photobiomodulation)

  2. The release of nitric oxide from blood vessels that increases blood flow to treated area (angiogenic effect)

Additionally, Low Light Laser Therapy is based on two principles: 

  1. Watt = power 

  2. Joules = energy Joules, or energy, delivered to tissue is what stimulates healing. 

 Lasers that produce lower watts will deliver fewer joules requiring more treatments to achieve the correct dose or joules to promote healing.

Regeneration = Full restoration of tissues without scaring, restoring full function to injured tissue. Repair = Healing of tissue with a mix of tissue and scar. Which causes decreased tissue mobility and pliability, potentially limiting function and leaving the risk of future injury or decreased function.

Dr. Thomas Hecker 

 Dr. Hecker uses the most powerful and effective laser on the market for musculoskeletal injuries. Lightforce laser is laser therapy that is unique to Northern Colorado.  Lightforce is a class IV laser which means more power quicker and less treatment to achieve the maximal effect.



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