Change in our insurance networks at Hecker Sports and Regenerative Medicine.

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As of December 31, 2022, our in-network status with Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans will end. On March 31, 2023, our in-network status with all other insurance companies will end. Although we will not be billing your insurance company, you can use your insurance for services such as labs and medications, just as you did in the past.

Unfortunately, insurance plans are changing and basing physician visits on time, not allowing more time with patients, but regrettably less. This change is forcing physicians to see more patients daily resulting in even shorter visits.

This decision has come as a result of our desire to put your care first. We want to give people the time that they need. Most of our patients have complex and chronic conditions. Prior to coming to see us, it is not uncommon for patients to have seen 2-3 doctors/specialists and still not have received the right treatment for their needs. Time gives us the ability to care for you better, diagnose you better, and treat you better, leading to better long-term positive outcomes.

Hecker Sports and Regenerative Medicine has always prided itself in the care and time we provide our patients. This change will allow us to provide an even higher level of service to support our patients. When Dr. Hecker started his practice eight years ago, his goal was to provide the highest level of care at the most affordable cost. This change will allow us to further accomplish this goal.

To be clear, we are still accepting all patients but will no longer be billing your insurance.

Cash Pay Rates:

  • New patient visit: 30 - 60 min., $200-400
  • Follow-up patient visit: 15 - 45 min., $100-300
  • X-ray: $40 each
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound: $75 each
  • Advanced Non-surgical treatments: Pricing varies


Stacy B.

I am a 43-year-old former athlete who is dependent upon physical activity as a means of maintaining good mental health and stress reduction. I just completed treatment on a severely torn plantar fascia/ruptured ligaments/ soft tissue damage from a climbing injury I suffered over a year ago. Not only did Dr. Hecker give me confidence that there were alternative treatments be-sides surgery that could heal my injury, but he gave me hope that after completing my treatment I would have a foot that was as strong and healthy as it was prior to my injury. The entire staff was helpful, knowledgeable, kind, and efficient, and after only 5 1/2 weeks of treatment, my foot is completely healed with no evidence of scarring or disrepair. In addition, he urged me to maintain a (slightly modified) exercise regimen that was as close to normal as possible throughout my treatment, because it would aid in tissue regeneration. This was a stark contrast to the standard recommendation of surgery to repair and 3 months of immobilization. I recommend Hecker Sports and regenerative medicine to anyone with a foot or ankle injury, regardless of the severity of the injury or the amount of time that has passed since the initial trauma, because the non-invasive treatments utilized are not only cutting edge, but also safe.

Philip L.

I had both Achilles torn. I have been miserable and limping for 5 years. Everyone always wanted to recommend surgery with no guarantees, so I held off. No surgery and within two weeks I was so excited about my appointment because my pain was reduced dramatically. I waited six weeks to do all my treatments and can really say I am healed and am already playing soccer with the kids. Definitely recommend this place and recommend doing what the Dr. says. The staff are wonderful from the front to the back. I’m almost sad that I’m better, I love this place.

Lexi C.

After struggling with ankle issues for many years, I reached out to Dr. Hecker and his team for prolotherapy and laser treatments. I was determined to get to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. With his practical help, PT, and determination, I reached the top...pain-free! I highly recommend him as an alternative to surgery! Thanks, Dr. Hecker!!

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