Non-Surgical Treatments for Foot and Ankle Injuries

Non-Surgical Treatments for Foot and Ankle Injuries

Whether you’re a college athlete at CSU or someone who enjoys taking strolls around Old Town, your feet and ankles are vital to getting you where you need to go. If you ended up injuring these fragile areas of your body, you may not want to deal with the costs and risks of surgical procedures. At Hecker Sports and Regenerative Medicine, we offer non-surgical treatments for foot and ankle injuries in Fort Collins, CO. Read on to learn more about what we offer, then contact us to begin your road to recovery.

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Types of Foot and Ankle Injuries

Your feet and ankles are surprisingly complex, with dozens of bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that hold them together and allow them to function properly. Since there are so many delicate parts, foot and ankle injuries encompass a wide range of conditions, from strains and tears to fractures and sprains. If you have foot and ankle discomfort or pain of any kind, schedule an appointment with us, during which we can go over regenerative treatment options that may be able to help.

Sanexas Therapy

Sanexas therapy is one of the premier non-invasive treatments that we offer for patients with foot or ankle injuries in Fort Collins. This healing procedure utilizes electromagnetic neuromuscular stimulation to help repair nerves and improve their function in damaged areas. When combined with other measures like rest and foot/ankle immobilization, Sanexas therapy can be an effective option to promote recovery.

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Piezoelectric Impulse Therapy

Hecker Sports and Regenerative Medicine is home to several state-of-the-art treatments for foot and ankle injuries, including piezoelectric impulse therapy. This groundbreaking treatment option sends focused shockwaves through damaged or scarred areas, stimulating the regenerative cells that can promote healing. To learn more about how piezoelectric impulse therapy can benefit you, schedule a consultation today.

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TECAR Treatment

Like all of our regenerative medicine procedures in Fort Collins, TECAR treatment is a non-invasive method of enhancing the recovery period following a foot or ankle injury. Unlike surgeries that can involve invasive treatments with unexpected difficulties, the high-frequency energy used during TECAR therapy can stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal itself. This regenerative healing method can shorten the time it takes for you to heal up and become active again, allowing you to resume doing what you love in no time.

If you recently injured your foot or ankle, or you’ve been dealing with chronic pain or discomfort in those areas, it may be time to talk to a certified podiatrist in Fort Collins. At Hecker Sports and Regenerative Medicine, we specialize in non-invasive treatments for foot and ankle injuries. To discover the benefits for yourself, visit our clinic or contact us today!

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