Primary Treatment Packages


Office visit initial 30 min $100

Follow up office visits (time based)

  • 10 min $75
  • 20 min $100
  • 30 min $200
  • 1 hour $300


  • X-rays $40
  • Diagnostic ultrasound $60

Primary treatment packages for

  • Chronic injuries foot and ankle conditions
  • Accelerating recovery of acute foot and ankle injuries
  • Postoperative recovery foot and ankle surgeries. (Accelerates and improves healing)
  • Or for slow slow recovering injuries

Laser 6 Package (24)

  • Bunion deformities
  • Arthritic big toe joint
  • Ligament/ tendon injuries toes
  • Arthritis injuries to toes

Laser 7 Package (28)

  • Mid-foot arthritis inside arch/outside arch,
  • Tendon pathology, Anterior tibial tendon, Posterior, tibial tendon, Peroneal tendons
  • Plantar fasciitis

Laser 8 Package (32)

  • Achilles tendon pathology,
  • chronic ankle sprains,
  • chronic ankle instability

Laser 9 Package (36)

  • More severe Achilles tendon pathology
  • More severe chronic ankle injury/instability


Patients will be prescribed One of several possible stabilizing support devices:

  • AFO (ankle foot orthotic)
  • carbon foot plate,
  • OTC orthotic.

Cost AFO ($250-$600 insurance coverage may apply)

Common conditions for AFO: ankle instability, ankle, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, tendon pathologies of the foot and ankle mid foot arthritis, arthritis of the big toe


Nutritional Support

We use EBM medical food formulas surrounding the treatment strongly encourage each patient to utilize two medical food formulas. One for improving bone health, which is critical to recovery of bone as well as soft tissue structures. Second an anti-inflammatory formula that helps reduce chronic and acute inflammation that can assist improving healing times, as well as quality of healing.

Medical foods commonly prescribed:

  • EBM S4 bone formula total cost $149/3 months
  • EBM A7 anti-inflammatory formula total cost $175/3 months

Maintenance Package

Buy 10 Get 2 Free (20% Off)

Patients may wish to purchase a maintenance package that allows them to utilize the advanced modalities used in the laser packages. As people return back to activities, many are able to advance quickly. The maintenance package allows patients to continue to utilize these advanced modalities to keep the recovery on track


Athletic Training Services

Services are provided by Zach Kuchta, ATC – able to provide full body evaluation of muscular, skeletal conditions

(supervised by Dr. Hecker and Dr. Sides, orthopedic sports medicine surgeon)

This service is for athletes of all ages, who may be suffering from general soreness sprains, or overuse conditions that do not require medical evaluation by a physician. Also for athletes, young and old who are looking for maintenance treatment options to prevent injury and maintain musculoskeletal health

ATC evaluation $75


À la cart Treatments

Advanced modalities( $77 or 80 ) per treatment

Single use of any of these 5 advanced modalities

  • Laser
  • Shockwave
  • VISS
  • Sanexas Electromagnetic Nerve Stimulator

General treatments

  • Cupping $30/site
  • IASTM $30/site
  • Normatech compression, legs, hips, arms $20/site
  • Bio-box-muscle (NMES), nerve stem (E-Stem) $50/ treatment