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Nonsurgical Specialist

What is a nonsurgical specialist?

A nonsurgical specialist is a physician who specializes in the science of nonsurgical treatments and recovery. This is not specializing in ice and compression bandages. This type of physician specializes in treating surgical conditions with nonsurgical treatments. In contrast, a surgical specialist specializes in the science of surgical treatments. There is a significant difference.

Surgeons are specially trained through surgical residencies to learn the art and science of surgery, yet they continually study surgery. Their medical journals focus on surgical technique, screws, bone anchors, suture strength, implants — ceramics versus poly. It is very important to be a good surgeon.

Nonsurgical specialists are trained in the art and science of nonsurgical treatments and recovery. Their journals focus on the healing cycle and regenerative sciences, natural stimulation of tissue for a healthier, and stronger recovery. They study the immune system and its role in healing, while also focusing on electro-physical therapies and how the science of electric and electromagnetic treatments can further stimulate recovery and strength.

There is a paradigm shift occurring in medicine — less is more. As a nonsurgical specialist, Hecker Sports and Regenerative Medicine can successfully treat tendon injuries and ruptures, degenerative joint disease, chronic instability of joints, and much more. It was previously thought that these injuries could only improve with surgery, and while surgery can be successful, the best it can do is heal with scars. You may re-establish the integrity of the structure but you are left with the limitation and possible pain of scars.

In the nonsurgical specialty world, treatments not only reestablish the integrity of the structures and restore strength, but it is also done without scars. As medicine and medical technologies have advanced, healing without surgery, without scars, is now possible for many musculoskeletal injuries.

At Hecker Sports and Regenerative Medicine, we focus on the science of recovery. We treat complex conditions and injuries with better science and better technology. This leads to quicker, healthier recovery and lower medical risk. We focus on using regenerative injections that can stimulate your body to heal more appropriately and quicker. We use advanced electro-physical stimulus such as piezoelectric shockwave, class IV laser therapy, and Sanexas AC/DC electrical muscular stimulation. Furthermore, we do it without stopping your activity — without surgery, crutches, cast, and no long recoveries. We keep you on your feet and active.

That’s the power of applying the nonsurgical science of recovery.

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