Tendinitis - Tendenosis

Simply, tendinitis is inflammation of a tendon and tendenosis is chronic inflammation of a tendon causing both the thickening and weakening of a tendon (pre-tear stage).

The most common tendon involved is the Achilles' tendon. The other tendon involved is the posterior tibial tendon, the tendon that holds up the an arch, and peroneal tendons - tendons on the outside of the ankle that help prevent ankle sprains.

Tendinitis - Tendenosis Symptoms

Tendinitis - Tendenosis can cause pain with activity and reduce a person's ability to participate in activities. An MRI and/or diagnostic ultrasound are needed to evaluate and identify tendon injuries and severity.

Tendinitis - Tendenosis Typical Treatment

Typical treatments of rest, ice, compression, NSAIDS can be helpful for minor cases. More severe cases will can require more aggressive treatment, cast boots, bracing, and non-weightbearing. Tendons are tissue that have limited blood supply so injuries and treatments can be prolonged for months. Limited blood supply can also limit the success of treatments and recovery.


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