Joint Injury

Joint Injury

Joint injury can mean many things: injury to a surrounding ligament structure, an injury to the cartilage of a joint, a bone injury, or all three.

One Type of Joint Injury: OCD

Osteochondral defect (osteo= bone, chondral= cartilage) or OCD is an injury that caused a loss/death of an area of bone and cartilage within a joint. These injuries can be asymptomatic (no pain), but many of these types of injuries can be painful and debilitating.

Many OCD's can be identified on X-rays but the soft tissue injuries, ligament or cartilage need MRI to fully evaluate the injury.

Treatment for minor joint injuries are rest, ice, limit of aggravating activities, and short courses of immobilization can be very effective to resolve this type of condition. When a more severe injury has occurred adding regenerative treatments of piezo and LLLT (laser light therapy) can quickly begin the recovery process.

Also, Amnion injections (human placental matrix) can further lead to successful regeneration and resolution of the joint condition.

No matter what tissue is injured ligament, cartilage or bone regenerative interventions can restore the tissue.

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