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What is A Joint Injury?

Hecker Sports and Regenerative Medicine utilizes what your body can innately do and stimulate it in a very powerful way that will help it recover.

We’re not talking about recovery as in post surgery or post injury where one's body repairs and fills with more fibrous tissue or scar tissue. Hecker Sports and Regenerative Medicine helps a body repair in a way encourages full regeneration and complete restoration of tissue.

One Type of Joint Injury: OCD

Osteochondral defect (osteo= bone, chondral= cartilage) or OCD is an injury that caused a loss/death of an area of bone and cartilage within a joint. These injuries can be asymptomatic (no pain), but many of these types of injuries can be painful and debilitating.

Many OCD's can be identified on X-rays but the soft tissue injuries, ligament or cartilage need MRI to fully evaluate the injury.

Treatment for minor joint injuries are rest, ice, limit of aggravating activities, and short courses of immobilization can be very effective to resolve this type of condition. When a more severe injury has occurred adding regenerative treatments of piezo and LLLT (laser light therapy) can quickly begin the recovery process.

Also, Amnion injections (human placental matrix) can further lead to successful regeneration and resolution of the joint condition.No matter what tissue is injured ligament, cartilage or bone regenerative interventions can restore the tissue.

Regenerative medicine creates a stimulating factor in one's body, telling it to start to recover in an appropriate way, helping to restore tissue to being whole.

The Regenerative Protocol

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    Evaluation of injury by physical exam

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    Imaging: X-ray, CT, diagnostic ultrasound, MRI to determine significance of injured structures

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    Temporary stabilization of structure using orthotics, bracing devices, or cam walker boot

Regenerative Treatments

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    Piezoelectric impulse

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    Laser light therapy

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    Hypertonic dextrose solution - Prolotherapy

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    Amniotic tissue matrix

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    Regenerative Injection

Dr. Thomas Hecker

Dr. Hecker graduated Colorado State University in Fort Collins before completing his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago. He completed a two-year podiatric surgical residency at St. Mary's of Nazareth Hospital in Chicago, before entering private practice in 1996.

Since then he as developed effective regenerative and non-surgical treatments for all types of biomechanical injuries and chronic pain.

More about Thomas Hecker DPM and his team.

How much does it cost?

The procedures we offer at Hecker Sports and Regenerative Medicine are comparatively inexpensive and are much more complete having a substantial recovery than other treatments.
There are a lot of people who are not good candidates for surgery simply because of where they are in life, like having to take three months off for surgery.

Our protocols allow patients to recover well without necessarily having to take time off of work. We are here to get patients better in the midst of doing “life”.

What Makes Dr. Hecker Different?

The short answer is that our Fort Collins podiatry clinic has a patient-centered focus on non-surgical repair and “return to life activities”, not expensive (and sometimes unnecessary) surgery. We believe it is important for you to understand and have help with all of your healing options and foot maintenance.

Thomas Hecker DPM has a mission: to bring techniques and opportunities to people that are less expensive than conventional procedures, require less downtime, yet still offer the ability for very successful and very high-end recovery.

Hecker Sports and Regenerative Medicine is doing more that just helping to make a body better or building a better scar; we’re restoring the tissue back to its whole, how it was originally intended to function.

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